Madhapur, Hyderabad 500081, India

Who we are

About Us

Since our founding, businesses have benefited from our unique brand of comprehensive, affordable and personalized IT support. At Orego Solutions difference is our service delivered by our fantastic people.

Orego Solutions offers a wide range of worry-free IT solutions and  services, including Video Surveillance, Video Conferencing, Video Capture, Security and Project Consulting services. Each of our offerings gives business owners the freedom to focus on managing their business—while we focus on their IT.

Our Team makes all the difference …

We emphasize continuous employee training, education and re-certification to ensure that our professional staff can always support the most demanding technical challenges faced in different environments.

Because we’re a service company just as much as an IT provider, we stress solid communication and people skills. Honesty, integrity and a commitment to ethical business practices are qualities we demand from all our employees.

Quality Focus