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Smart Surveillance

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Video Surveillance

Orego Delivers reliable, interoperable and scalable video conferencing solutions for today’s needs. Video Conferencing solutions just work. Easily. Reliably. Inexpensively. Pleasingly. From anywhere. And that’s because Vidyo provides for high-quality, low-latency, highly resilient, broad-based deployments over general-purpose networks with the introduction of the first multi-point video conferencing solution designed to work like the Internet itself. That’s right — out is the old MCU-centric model and in is the first solution for video conferencing designed specifically for the world of distributed computing

Video Management System

Our centralized video surveillance platform that can combine cameras from one to thousands of locations and authorized users will have access to specific cameras which can be defined through a fully secure and simple browser interface. Users can access the system with a single login instead of having to connect to each NVR/DVR separately to access cameras connected to that specific NVR. The real-time notifications transform surveillance from eyeball monitoring/diagnostic evidence management into proactive incident management system

Advanced Analytics

Our integrated advanced AI video analytics provide useful insights not only from a security perspective but from the overall administration perspective for ensuring adherence to processes. Since our solution is based on Computer Vision and Machine Learning, we can easily extend the analytics to detect specific objects or anomalies as required. All of this is done using existing cameras – as any make or model of cameras can be connected